You are now logged into the CUES Wifi network. You can now browse the internet. Remember, there is filtering and monitoring in place. Below is the policy you agreed to before you logged in.

Central Utah Educational Services (CUES) grants you access to its WiFi network providing you agree to abide by this policy.


This policy outlines the standards which CUES’s requires all users of its electronic communications systems and equipment to follow.

What is covered by the Policy?

The use of the WiFi network supplied by CUES.

Who is covered by the policy?

This policy covers all individuals who wish to use the WiFi network supplied by CUES

Internet Content

CUES reserves the right to block access to any site.

CUES will take reasonable steps to block any site that it deems inappropriate. However, we cannot guarantee that all inappropriate content will be blocked. If you gain access to a site that you deem inappropriate, close your web browser immediately.

Systems and Data Security

CUES will provide Internet access via the wireless network and will undertake reasonable steps to ensure it is secure from unauthorised users. However, no guarantee can be made to this effect. You are responsible for your own anti-virus and anti-malware precautions. CUES will not be held responsible for any damage to your equipment whilst connected to its network.

You should not attempt to gain access to restricted areas of the network or to any password protected information without being duly authorised to do so.

Monitoring and Compliance

CUES reserves the right to protect its network and systems by recording user ACTIVITY but not CONTENT. That is to say, no CONTENT will be captured but that a list of surfing activity may be recorded;

If the use constitutes a criminal offence, the information will be handed to the police.

Specific Permissions to you

Wireless access to the Internet in accordance with this policy.